Lewis and Clark College

Senior Thesis (Major Req.) : The Rise and Fall of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo:

Summary: In 2006 a young conservative hopeful Abe Shinzo (following the success of PM Koizumi) offers a vision for a new Japan in his manifesto “Utsukushii no kuni e” (Towards a beautiful country). The country initially believing in him as a continuation of Koizumi, didn’t realize how radical his ideas about nationalism, education, and militarization, and ultimately his vision for a “neo-conservative future”, eventually lost faith in his ability to lead the country and was forced to resign in under one year.

Special Note: Since writing this thesis PM Shinzo Abe has risen back from political exile to regain his post as PM of Japan and is progressing forward on a new form of his original agenda with the wary support of a nation tied in fiscal crisis.