Internet Content Grader

Portland, Oregon

March 2007 – 2009

RuleSpace LLC was a company that specialized in parental controls and web categorization. My role was to rate websites for their content, research emerging trends, and beta test new software.


noun_36793_cc Helped research and pioneer the company’s deployment of their Backend 2.0
noun_453_cc Wrote a white paper on the state of commercial filtering software which was used to pioneer our company into the enterprise market.
noun_36444_cc Reduced false-positive identifications in RuleSpace’s other Internet Categorization and Parental Controls Engines to nearly 1%.
noun_131871_cc Researched and Beta-tested New Software and trained new Categorization Engines insuring 1-2 second category look-ups with 99.9% accuracy.
noun_216764_cc Worked with a diverse international team.
noun_299_cc Was responsible for sensitive information and trusted to maintain high levels of confidentiality and security standards.