Shopping Manager

Yoyo Market (On The One Ltd.), Narashino City, Chiba Pref., Japan

Shopping Manager

Yoyo Market is the number one online shopping site for foreign foods sold from Costco and other sources in Japan. The shopping manager at Yoyo Market managed the day-to-day operations at the company while also maintaining the e-commerce store.


noun_247540_cc Processing Customer Orders, preparing Estimates for Customers {IKEA Personal Shopping service IPS}
noun_100426_cc Preparing items for boxing, packing orders, preparing delivery slips and invoices
noun_255029_cc Corresponding with customers
noun_147559_cc Maintaining proper inventory
noun_189685_cc Food Health and Safety
noun_218405_cc Maintaining the e-commerce software, adding inventory, SEO, Blog, Analytics, and Social Media.